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"I've know Curtis throughout my years in Sumner Rotary including my year as President when he was my Assistant District Governor. Curtis epitomizes service to community. He does so through a natural ability to bring commonality, equity, respect, empathy, caring and compassion to whatever project or need being considered. These are critical qualities for any elected official. I believe Curtis would be a great City of Puyallup Council Member and wholeheartedly endorse him."

Bill Pugh, Sumner Mayor


"Curtis has a long history of leadership in Puyallup and is someone we can trust!"

Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive


'I've known Curtis for some time now and know one thing for certain - he has a true and unwavering passion for our community and all who reside within it.

He is fair, sensible, and will work tirelessly to bring solid policy to Puyallup."

Chris Gildon, House of Representatives 25th District 


"It's my honor, without hesitation, to heartily endorse, my friend Curtis Thiel, for Puyallup City Council!

Curtis is customer focused in business...he will be citizen focused in City government!

Curtis has a passion for his computer business, for Rotary and all service organizations... he is passionate about Puyallup!

Curtis prescribes by the theory that "it's never the wrong time to do the right thing"...he will make common sense decisions while doing the "right thing" for our community!

Curtis holds himself, those he supervises and those he mentors accountable...he will hold the City of Puyallup accountable to her citizens!

Curtis is innovative in his approach to business and his development of area-wide service organizations and service to Rotary...Curtis will be creative and innovative in his approach to resolving issues in the City of Puyallup!

I've seen Curtis use his grit to accomplish many goals and handle any obstacle...Curtis will use his grit to persevere and succeed, on our behalf, on Puyallup's City Council!

Elect Curtis Thiel/Puyallup Wins!"

Jamie Gregory, Community Leader


"Curtis has shown his passion and dedication to Puyallup through his years of service in our community. He shows up time and time again because he truly cares about the people and this city."

Kathy Yang, Board Member, Puyallup School District


"Curtis is a community connector and a solution driven leader. His passion for unity is inspiring. I’m so excited he is running for council. He would be an amazing choice and Puyallup would be lucky to have him serve."

Karissa Thompson, Community Leader


"Curtis is a true leader and can help the City of Puyallup keep on task for the people."

Patty Denny, Business Owner


"I couldn’t recommend Curtis strongly enough. If you want a dedicated, hard working and compassionate person to represent Puyallup, he’s your man!!"

Kevin Sullivan, Pastor


"Curtis Thiel is someone I have encountered in this community on so many levels that it is hard to be somewhere and not find him committed to making changes for the better. Curtis also respects the past and the things that make our community great. He is just one man, but his actions daily are the work of many as he works to bring others together working in unison towards common goals. I endorse Curtis Thiel for City Council with the highest of confidence that he will bring more balance and common sense to the council. Please vote for Curtis in the primaries and in November."

Chuck Valley, President, Kidstown International


"Curtis is a great listener, willing to give balanced perspective, brings people together, works with all people. His track record for serving in Puyallup speaks for itself. Please consider Curtis Thiel to represent you for Puyallup City Council."

Renne Gilliam, Community Leader


"As long as I've known Curtis, he's been anxiously engaged in doing good works and serving the community. He'll take that same get to work vigor to the Puyallup City Council Office. I wholeheartedly endorse Curtis Thiel."

Jeffrey Hochstrasser, Business Owner


"Curtis is a community minded person. He doesn't just talk about it he walks his talk and has for over 20 years."

Dave Robbs, Community Leader


"I’ve known Curtis well over 15 years and can easily endorse him. He puts others first and works without compromise to achieve the best possible outcome in everything he does. He truly cares for our community and the people in it. “5 Stars”"

Adam Henley, Former Business Owner


"It is with great pride that I endorse Curtis Thiel as candidate for Puyallup City Council. As an active member in several civic and community organizations, Curtis is a respected member of our community and carries with him a reputation for being fair, compassionate, and passionate about our beautiful community. Curtis has always been approachable, honest, and has a high integrity as well as a strong moral compass. He is truly committed to the requirements of his candidacy for City Council and I believe would be a refreshing contributor as well as an asset and friend to those of us who reside here. You will find he works on your behalf, will be innovative and will bring achievable ideas to the table."

Laurie Miller


"I don't take endorsing political candidates lightly, as I've only endorsed one other candidate publicly before.

I have worked with Curtis Thiel doing community projects through Rotary since 2013 and have enjoyed every minute. Curtis is the right person for Puyallup! He has a passion for this community that I've only seen in two others. I endorse Curtis Thiel for Puyallup City Council wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Mark Woodman, Community Leader


"Curtis truly represents the people. Throughout his life, it has been his goal to help find solutions that has helped move our community forward. The most amazing part of this dedicated and at times very unseen and thankless work, is that he has managed to help lead with the spirit of togetherness. Thank you Curtis for being a great leader, a humble servant, and an inspirational friend to the City of Puyallup. It is with this spirit and determined motivation, that you have garnered the support of many, including the News Tribune. Keep it up my friend!"

Joseph Romero, Business Owner


Friends of Curtis Thiel
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