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I am concerned that we're not responding quickly enough to the challenges facing us:

  • Public Safety:  Our public safety is vital to the City of Puyallup.  We have an outstanding public safety program, and my priority will be to support our first responders as they continue to keep us safe.
  • Economic Development:  Business regulations hamper growth when they could be creating jobs and fostering innovation. 
  •  Growth Planning:  We need smart growth that keeps everyone moving.

  • Homelessness:  With the homeless epidemic that has exploded, some of our leaders have not responded quickly enough to the challenges facing us.  We have been slow to find effective solutions to keep our community safe while showing compassion.

As a true leader with reason, integrity, and conviction, my leadership skill is in bringing people together and creating smart change.  

My experiences help me understand in a unique way how city regulations and taxes affect growth, business climate, and quality of life for citizens of all ages.  

I will make an effective council member who will tackle the challenges and opportunities in our city.



Stance: I'm all about helping those who want to help themselves. If someone doesn't want help, and is only interested in drugs, alcohol, or stealing we should enforce all laws when crimes are committed. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions, and no one should be "above the law". This may result in no longer having an ability to rent part of our jail space to other cities. I believe we should break homelessness into several sub-groups: teens, mental illness, veterans, seniors, families, addicts, and singles. Small groups provide an opportunity to address issues specifically for each target population.

Possible Solutions: I will recommend that a city employee be hired to work alongside our homeless police officer, interfacing with the 100-200 homeless and the community. The demand is larger than one officer can possibly keep up with. The ultimate goal is to help those who want help getting off the streets.

Community Safety:

Stance: For this and future generations, I want what I had growing up in Puyallup- safe neighborhoods, parks, and trails for all! Our seniors should be able to enjoy what they've already paid for and feel safe! 

Possible Solutions: I will advocate for walking and bike police in the core that promote an open dialogue between business owners, residents, and seniors. I will advocate for reinstating a Problem-Oriented Police (POP) unit of 3 officers that is proactively working crimes, protecting the mall at peak seasons, and going after patterns of evil in our community. We should look at making our Park Ranger a police officer with the authority to arrest those who commit crimes in our parks.

Strong Mayor:

Stance: I am against a strong mayor and believe Puyallup would be best served with a highly qualified City Manager with experience running a city similar to Puyallup.

Possible Solutions: This could be accomplished by casting a nationwide net for someone who has a 10-20 year record of running a city of 40,000-50,000 people in a split core layout.

More to come...

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